Saturdays & Sundays @ Putrajaya Lake Club for Group Rows

0730-1000 Senior Girls + All Boys

0900-1130 Junior Girls

Tuesdays @ Putrajaya Lake Club for Ergo or Land Training

1730 – led by a team captain (anyone welcome)


Feb 12: Season 1 Starts (Putrajaya Lake Club)

Mar 12-14: Spring Training Camp (Putrajaya Lake Club)

Apr 10: Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race / Presint 8 vs. Alam Shah (Batu Dam)

May 29-Jun 03: Singapore Training Camp & National Schools Championship


Jul 2: Season 2 Starts (Putrajaya Lake Club)

Sep 01-04: Thailand Training Camp & Regatta (Kanchanaburi)

Oct 01-04: Varsity Boat Race (Maritime Center, Putrajaya)

Nov 25-Dec 05: Tour of Melbourne Training Camp (Tentative)

Nov 26-27: Head of the Yarra Regatta (Tentative – Melbourne)


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